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The pecans and cherries in this recipe enhance both the look and flavor of these delicious Mexican treats. The cocoa powder and coffee powder make them rich and.
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Strawberry soup might be a strange concept if you are used to savory soups but you do not know what you have been missing! Strawberry soup is called...
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Most of us are familiar with savory empanadas – delicious pastries stuffed with beef and egg, chicken or vegetables. However, dessert empanadas can
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Bunuelos are tasty little fritters, eaten as a Mexican dessert. They originate from Spain and are a popular Mexican snack, ideal with hot chocolate or coffee as an.
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Sapotes come in black sapote or white sapote and are used mainly in pastry items and cake recipes. Sapote fruit is featured in many different recipes in Mexico.
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Mexican caramel candy, otherwise known as cajeta or dulce de leche, is very versatile. It tastes like caramel but Mexican caramel candy is made by cooking
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Mexicans know how to indulge their senses and if you are looking for rich chocolate soufflés recipes, look no further than this delightful dessert.
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These individual cakes have a delicate flavor, thanks to the combination of walnut and vanilla. Traditional Mexican wedding cakes are also known by many
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This is a very special coffee. The vanilla, cocoa, and cinnamon suit the coffee flavor perfectly and the whipped cream on top adds a nice touch. This Mexican...
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Mexican custard, also known as flan, is one of the most popular Mexican dessert recipes. Custard flan recipes do vary from country to country.