How to cook The Exotic Mexican Sapote Fruit

Mexican black Sapote Fruit

Sapotes come in black sapote or white sapote and are used mainly in pastry items and cake recipes. Sapote fruit is featured in many different recipes in Mexico and this is just one of the many recipes with sapote fruit in it. The following is a traditional Yucatan recipe. It is quick and easy Mexican dessert recipe with a traditional Mexican flare and taste just great.

Serves: +1
  • black sapotes 5 
  • Juice of 2 oranges  
  • dark rum ¼ cup
  • white sugar ¼ cup
30 minsPrint
  • Mexican black Sapote Fruit
    Remove the skin and seeds from the sapotes and puree them. Add the sugar and orange juice. Add the rum. When everything is well combined, chill in the refrigerator and serve in small bowls as a dessert.

Mexican black Sapote FruitBlack sapote is a type of persimmon native to Mexico. It looks a little like an unripe tomato but has dark brown flesh with the taste and texture of chocolate pudding. Black sapotes were my Abuelo‘s all-time favourite fruit.\

Black sapote is a tropical fruit that resembles an unripe persimmon from the outside, but holds a seriously dark, delicious secret on the inside. The smooth, soft brown inside is a ready-to-eat dessert, or the perfect healthy addition to recipes that call for chocolate. Not only is it low in fat, it’s also a great souce of vitamin C and calcium.

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